Revital Drops

A Drop for All your Troubles

Real-world example

The mission

Creating a brand that disrupts and also make an impact in the vitamin industry business as well as awareness about the benefits of Elderberry & Zinc drops & how this can help people fortify their immune system. to start this idea of a business was necessary to create a logo, branding, Marketing material & an e-commerce website.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Ux/Ui Design
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

The Outcome

To create brand awareness(this is extremely necessary for new brands), we decided to build a brand with a memorable logo and minimalist branding. In a nutshell, the campaign was a success and the e-commerce website funnel strategy was working way better than we expected generating 4X more sales than what was projected but the marketing team at Revital Drops™. Part of the great strategy was to design a cohesive strategy that was mixed with organic content in social media & Facebook ads. and create a good design and on-brand funnel that can create a seamless experience for the customer while checking out on the e-commerce website and develop some brand loyalty offering some up-sales along the way in the sales funnel.

The Impact

we created for Justing and the people in revital drops an amazing brand identity with a powerful branding that will help them create some brand loyalty. in the big picture, We created a fast and responsive e-commerce website that was mixed with a sales funnel that surpassed their expectation for the first year of sales and help them get their dream of a vitamin business reality and make them a profitable company.
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